Dear Advertiser:


When we prosper, you prosper. We are the NABET-CWA men and women at ABC7-WJLA/Newschannel 8, and we need your help. Together with the CWA and The Metro Labor Council we represent over 170,000 families in this area who buy your products. We make ABC7-WJLA/Newschannel 8 the place where you choose to spend your money and do your advertising. We work hard to make ABC7-WJLA/Newschannel 8 the place viewers turn to for news and entertainment. All of these facts help your product sales.


We are in difficult labor negotiations and have been working without an agreement at ABC7-WJLA/Newschannel 8, since January 31, 2005. The owner, Robert Allbritton, has refused to extend our contract. Our livelihood has been threatened and there are extreme proposals to take away our working rights. Our biggest concerns center on:


     Wage Parity /Equal Pay for Equal Jobs !!

     Fair Wage Increases

     Our Right To Grieve and Arbitrate Contract Disputes

     Arbitrary Layoffs with Willful Disregard of Seniority

     Severe limits on Vacation Availability

     Protection of Our Right to Keep Chosen Vacations


Our employer has a terrible track record in dealing with its workers. Our previous contract talks lasted 7 years. We had no wage increases, and loss of income to our 401K savings for retirement. This amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars lost to employees of ABC7-WJLA. All money we could not spend on your products.


We, the NABET-CWA represented employees of ABC7-WJLA/Newschannel 8, implore you to help us achieve simple justice in the workplace. Please phone, write, or E-mail the sales department, and inquire as to how these negotiations could hurt your advertising dollars. Moreover, please tell WJLA/Newschannel 8 management that you are pulling your ads off their air until they pledge to treat their workers fairly.


The members of ABC7-WJLA/Newschannel 8 thank you for your attention. Please feel free to contact the NABET-CWA office at (301) 495-4999 with your questions or concerns. Hopefully this will be the only letter well need to send to ask for your support. We really dont want to drag you any further into our dispute if we can avoid it. You can make a big difference in this battle for dignity in the workplace.



ABC7-WJLA/Newschannel 8, TODAY !!


Here are the company contact phone numbers and e-mail addresses:


Robert Allbritton, Owner,

Fred Ryan, President, COO and Vice Chairman at (703) 236-9314,

Bill Lord, Vice President News at (703) 236-9300,

Jim Church, News Manager at (703) 236-9480,


Virginia L. Pancoe, Sales Marketing Manager, Newschannel 8 at (703) 236-9662,

Howard Zeiden, Director of Sales & Marketing, WJLA at (703) 236-9601,

Larry Hentz, Local Sales Manager, Newschannel 8 at (703) 236-9663,

Bob Scutari, Local Sales Manager at (703) 236-9603

Cliff McKinney, Sales Marketing Manager at (703) 236-9610

Jamie Foster, News Director, WJLA at (703) 236-9303,

Holly Shannon, Assistant News Director, WJLA at (703) 236-9302,

Alex Likowski, News Director, Newschannel 8 at (703) 236-9368,


Todd Bernstein, National Sales Manager

Steve Gibson, Sr., Vice President/CFO for Corporate

Amy Wood, General Sales,

Edie Smith, Manager, Newschannel 8, Client Services